How to Make Authentic Cozy Cottage in Minecraft Pocket Edition


Minecraft Pocket Edition is an exciting sandbox game for mobile devices. Players can survive in a world created from various blocks. In the game, there is a Creative mode in which you can create any buildings without worrying about the supply of resources, and in this guide, we will tell you how to build a cozy cottage.

How to Make Authentic Cozy Cottage

Since there is a huge variety of materials in the game, it is sometimes difficult for players to decide what to build with. Fortunately, the construction of Cozy Cottage does not require hard-to-get resources. Next, we will tell you the basic principles for creating this building so that you can build your unique Cozy Cottage.

First, you need to dig a hole 9 blocks long and 11 blocks wide, and one block deep. Then, in each of the 4 corners, put a Log 4 blocks high. Next, you can use Wood Planks and Stone to create walls. On one wide side, place an emergency exit door. Then, place some Logs in the middle of the house and make a Wooden Slab ceiling for the basement.

Next, from the Wooden Stairs, make an ascent to the main entrance. On the sides of the Stairs, you can place Stone Blocks. Now, you must continue the Logs at the corners for another 4 blocks in height. We recommend making walls with a combination of Wool, Wood Planks, and Logs. And finally, you can make a roof out of Wooden Stairs. To make the roof look more natural, you can use a combination of Stairs and inverted Stairs at the edges.

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You can decorate your cottage with a few Lanterns, flowerbeds under the walls, and Leaves. You can also make a fake chimney out of Bricks and a Campfire on top. Don’t forget to cover the Campfire with 4 Trapdoors. And, of course, don’t be afraid to experiment.

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How to Make Authentic Cozy Cottage in Minecraft Pocket Edition


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