The Water Still is one of the most, if not the most, essential structures in Stranded Deep that players must know how to make and use. It is the only available structure in the entire game that gives players continuous access to drinking water. Seeing that, we are here to talk about how to make and use Water Still in Stranded Deep.  

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How to Make and Use a Water Still Collector in Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep, you can make a Water Still collector structure when you reach Craftmanship level 2. Once that is done, you can press the C key or the respective button on your controller to open the Crafting Menu.

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When in the Crafting Menu, navigate to the third tab, Structures. Scroll down till you find Water Still, then press the action button. On PC, it’s LMB to craft. 

Once you have crafted the Water Still and placed it where you want, you can put Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves under the Water Still. Doing so will generate Water, and you can also use the Water Still to collect rainwater.

Collecting rainwater doesn’t require placing any Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves under the Water Still. When it’s raining, the Water Still will fill automatically. 

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A single Water Still can generate four servings of water that you can collect in containers like a Flask or drink directly from the Still. Simply interacting with the Water Still will let you use it. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to play co-op in Stranded Deep. 

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Stranded Deep is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch platforms.  

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How to Make and Use a Water Still Collector in Stranded Deep


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