It has been a year since Maplestory M added their new category of equipment called Ancient Equipment to the game. The sudden addition of an equipment category that stands above the previous highest ranking equipment category, Mythic, brought a lot of confusion in the Maplestory M community, more than one year has passed and there are still many players who don’t know how to craft Ancient Equipment in Maplestory M.

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In the wake of that, we have prepared a handy guide that talks about –

  • What are ancient equipment.
  • The best ancient equipment.
  • How to make ancient equipment and much more.

So, without any further ado, let us check out the main guide.

What is Ancient Equipment

Ancient Equipment is the highest-ranking equipment that players can make using mythic gears. With the addition of new bosses in the game, the developers added the Ancient Gear category to increasing the power cap of the players.

Ancient Gears have greater attack and defense stats when compared to the previous highest ranking Mythic gears.

How to Make Ancient Equipment

Players can make Ancient Gear aka Ancient Equipment in Maplestory M using the forging function called Mastercraft.

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To use Mastercraft to make ancient equipment, players need an item called the Ancient Crystal.

How to Get Ancient Crystals

Players can get Ancient Crystals by doing chaos daily dungeons, or by using Ancient Crystal Pieces from Rare Meso Treasure Boxes in the Forge’s Alchemy section. 

How to Use Mastercraft Menu to Forge Ancient Equipment

Follow the below steps to make an Ancient Equipment using the Mastercraft menu present in Maplestory M.

  • Enter Mastercraft menu via the forge.
  • Selecrt a LvL 30 Mythic equipment to use as a base item.
  • Players now have to select Ancient Crystal and Lucky Mastercraft Scroll materials.
  • Once all materials are selected, choose a crafting method. Tap Mastercraft below to craft an item.

Note: In case the crafting fails, players can retain only the base equipment. the Ancient Crystals and Lucky Mastercraft Scrolls used during the crafting process will get destroyed.

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