MapleStory M is a faithful adaptation of the original breakout PC MMORPG. Not only does almost all the stuff from the original game, MapleStory M also introduces some new features and classes. Just like the original game, there are multiple classes to choose from, but how do you know which ones are the best? The game is constantly being updated, so the answer to that question is changing, but for now here are some of the best classes in MapleStory M!

It should be noted that the strongest item in MapleStory M is real world cash. Just about any class can be the ultimate boss killer if you’re willing to dish out the money required to do so, which makes this list a bit pointless. Just keep that in mind when you’re deciding on a class to play!

Wind Archer

Boasting incredibly fast attack speed, the Wind Archer is one of the highest damaging classes in the game right now. They can machine gun just about any major threat and come out no worse for wear!

Thunder Breaker

Thunder Breakers have some amazing skills that deal high damage. The animations tend to take a while to play out, but the damage is worth it!

Dark Knight

Dark Knights are classic Maplestory characters. They start out relatively weak, but they get much better during the late game. Stick with them, and you’ll have a solid class for later.


Bishops are normally known for their party buffs, but they actually also have access to some of the strongest skills.

Ice Lightning

Ice Lightning’s skills are high damaging and the animations are quick as lightning. They’re very good at mobbing thanks to skills like Chain Lightning which can hit a huge amount of enemis.


While Paladin’s don’t have as good as damage as the other classes, their threaten is absolutely crucial for end game content. Paladins are very much in demand due to this, so you’ll have no problem getting into guilds.

The following classes are good for certain activities, but eventually they’ll hit a huge drop off, so be careful about investing into them.


Evans are super strong early on in the game, but during the middle to end game their damage drops by a significant amount. They’re not really sustainable after this point.


Good damage but lacks attack speed, which means overall lower DPS. You’ll struggle to keep up with the other classes in terms of raw damage output.


Shade can be strong in certain circumstances, but because most of your damage comes from your hyper skill, you’ll struggle in some areas. They excel with multi-target bosses, though.


The Phantom is a strange case. Phantoms have skills that function very similarly to other classes, and this is the theme for just about their whole skill set. While they have no obvious weakness, they don’t really excel at anything either.

Think another class should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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