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How to Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

With some clever redstone techniques and game knowledge, any resource can be farmed in Minecraft. To beginners, farms probably seem like complex structures. Curious new players can get into the world of automatic farms by starting with beginner-friendly builds like sugar cane farms.

Sugar cane has various uses in Minecraft. Players can use sugar cane to make paper, which is necessary for crafting books and maps. It is also used to create sugar, an ingredient for brewing potions.

As sugar cane grows automatically, players can easily create an automated farm for it.

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Building Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft

To build a simple sugar cane farm, players will need an observer, a piston, a hopper, a chest, and some building blocks. A short trip to the Nether and a bit of iron mining will suffice for crafting these things.

The first step of building a sugar cane farm is placing a chest and connecting a hopper to it. This hopper will collect sugar cane and store them in the chest. Once the collection system is ready, place a dirt or sand block on one side of the hopper.

Sugar cane farm

In order to plant sugar cane, there must be water nearby. Players can place water next to the dirt block, as shown in the above image. After the water is ready, place a sugar cane on the dirt block.

After leaving one block space empty above water, place a piston facing towards sugar cane. Then, attach a solid block behind the piston and place redstone dust above it. Next, players will have to set an observer facing towards sugarcane on top of the piston.

Sugar cane farm video build tutorial

Lastly, surround the farm with glass or other buildings to prevent sugar cane from flying outside. When the observer detects that the sugar cane has grown completely, it will activate the piston. All the broken sugar cane pieces will get collected into the chest.

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How to Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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