How to make a Straw Golem in Minecraft

Straw Golem mod

Straw golem is one of the most popular modded mobs in Minecraft. In the vanilla game, there are only two kinds of golems – iron golem and snow golem. However, players have always wanted new golems in Minecraft. Snow Golem Rebaled mod introduces tiny and adorable straw golems. In this guide, we talk about straw golems and tell you everything about them.

Minecraft Straw Golem: Everything you need to know

Haybale and carved pumpkin
You need haybale and carved pumpkin to make a straw golem

Straw golem was created by mod developer CommodoreThrawn. Players will have to install the Straw Golem Rebaled mod to add this cute golem. Straw Golem Rebaled is available for both Forge and Fabric mod loaders. After installing the mod, follow these steps to spawn a straw golem in your Minecraft world:

  1. Find a pumpkin
  2. Use shear on the pumpkin to make a carved pumpkin
  3. Place the carved pumpkin on top of a haybale

On completing the last step, you will spawn a straw golem in Minecraft. If you have created a straw golem far from your farm, you can use apples to attract straw golems. Apart from being cute, straw golems are surprisingly helpful.

How to use Straw Golem in Minecraft

Unlike iron and snow golems, straw golems aren’t meant for battling monsters. This mob will help you farm grow, and harvest crops in Minecraft. Straw golems can harvest crops, plant seeds, and store collected crops in a nearby storage block.

Instead of using complicated redstone contraptions and farmers for farming crops, you can create a straw golem and have it do everything. After spawning a straw golem, press shift and right-click on it and the chest where you want crops to be collected. Straw golems can pick different crops like wheat, melon, pumpkins, and even modded crops.

Straw golems survive only for seven in-game days. You can use wheat to restore their health, just like how iron ingots repair iron golems. These tiny golems are high maintenance as they have a hunger system. You will have to feed them apples every two days, or they will stop working.

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Overall, straw golems are amazing for Minecrafters who don’t like farming crops manually. These cheap golems will take care of your crop farms.

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How to make a Straw Golem in Minecraft


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