How Much Iron is Needed for an Iron Golem in Minecraft? – Answered


Iron Golem is one of the strongest and most durable mobs in Minecraft. You can encounter one iron golem in every village protecting weak villagers. Rather than finding these beastly mobs, you can easily summon one using lots of iron ingots.

Iron golems are among few mobs that can be summoned in survival mode. In this article, we talk about iron golems and how much iron you need to make one iron golem in Minecraft.

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How Much Iron is Needed for an Iron Golem in Minecraft?

As obvious from its name, iron golems are mainly made up of iron. To create one iron golem, you need four blocks of iron and a carved pumpkin. You will need nine iron ingots to make one block of iron.

Iron Golem

In total, you will require 36 iron ingots to make an iron golem in Minecraft. First, you will have to make four iron blocks using 36 iron ingots. After crafting them, make a T-shape using iron blocks. Lastly, place a carved pumpkin on top of the centre block.

That’s it. Your iron golem is now ready to defend from pesky hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, etc. Don’t forget to check up on them since they lose health points. You can use iron ingots to restone an iron golem to full health.

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How Much Iron is Needed for an Iron Golem in Minecraft? – Answered


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