Potion of Water Breathing

Brewing is one of the oldest game mechanisms in Minecraft. Players can brew potions using various ingredients. Using potions, players can apply beneficial effects on themselves or hurt enemies with negative status effects.

While there are many potions in the game, all are rarely used. Potion of Water Breathing is one of the most helpful potions in Minecraft. It allows players to breathe underwater without the risk of losing their health.

This Minecraft guide will tell you about all the ingredients required for brewing Potion of Water Breathing and how to brew the potion.

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How to make Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft

To make Potion of Water Breathing, Minecraft players will first have to gather the following items:

  • Pufferfish
  • Blaze powder
  • Nether wart
  • Water bottle
  • Brewing stand

Pufferfish is the main ingredient for brewing Potion of Water Breathing. All the other ingredients are needed for almost every potion in Minecraft. Pufferfish can be difficult as there are only a few ways to get them.

Pufferfish spawn in warm oceans, lukewarm oceans, and deep lukewarm oceans. Players can obtain pufferfish as an item by killing them. After getting all required items, follow these steps to brew Potion of Water Breathing:

  1. Place water bottles in a brewing stand.
  2. Add blaze powder and nether wart to make Awkward Potions.
  3. Add pufferfish to Awkward Potions to make Potion of Water Breathing.

That’s it! Potion of Water Breathing is ready. Players can add redstone dust to increase potion duration from three minutes to eight minutes. Like other potions, adding gunpowder will turn it into Splash Potion of Water Breathing.

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