Forge Bucket Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 offers a crafting feature where players have to backtrack a lot of resources and items in order to craft something of great use, like a forge bucket. It is a rather daunting task, but to simplify the forge bucket crafting process, we are here with a guide that explains how you can get the crafting hut, and how to make a forge bucket in VV Origins 2.

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How to unlock Crafting Hut in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Fishing Guide

Players can unlock the crafting hut in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 by completing Puzzle 3 of the game.

  • Drag and drop any of the villagers near the whale bones, east of the island. As they will take the bone to the workbench for research.
  • Next, drag a villager to the workbench to craft a pickaxe tool that will be used(pickaxe icon will appear next to anvil) to remove the root of the tree.
  • Once the root of the tree is chopped with the help of a villager and the pickaxe, the tree will gradually die and drop apple seed, later used to solve the Garden Puzzle.
  • Once all this is done, builders can be used to rebuild the crafting hut that is located next to the dying tree.

How to craft Forge Bucket in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Just like any other item, the forge bucket in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 is crafted using the crafting hut. To make forge bucket players need ceramic and clay, use the materials in the crafting hut, the crafting process takes around 10 hours. Next, you will get your forge bucket. Players can even use lava stones to fasten the forge bucket crafting process.

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Here is a list of items backtracked till the very last resources used in making a forge bucket in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

 Forge Bucket = Ceramic + Clay
– Clay = Red Earth + Water
– Red Earth- Resource
– Water- Resource
– Ceramic = Cement + Limestone
– Cement = Clay + Stone
– Clay = Red Earth + Water
– Red Earth – Resource
– Water- Resource
– Stone = Lava + Water
– Lava- Resource
– Water- Resource
– Limestone = Seashell + Stone
– Seashell- Resource
– Stone = Lava + Water
– Lava – Resource
– Water – Resource

The credit for this list goes to a user named Anna, from the Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 community.

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is currently available on Xbox One, Android, PC, iOS, macOS, and Classic Mac OS platforms.

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