How to Make a Cake in Minecraft 1.19


In Minecraft, players can craft a considerable number of items. Some items are completely useless, while others are essential to play the game. How is it with a cake, and how to make a cake in Minecraft 1.19? Read this guide, and you will find out.

Crafting a Cake in Minecraft 1.19

The cake is one of the oldest items in the game. It has been in Minecraft since its release. And it is an edible item that can be used a few times. The best is that it doesn’t matter how many people use the cake. Even seven people can eat it at the same time.

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Also, the cake is the best pick for any celebration if you want to have it in Minecraft. They are widely used as decoration for houses, especially in kitchens. However, a cake is quite an expensive resource.

To craft it, you need to have 3 buckets of milk, which will cost you 9 iron. To get the milk into a bucket, you need to milk a cow. Additionally, you need to have 3 wheat, which is pretty easy to get. The last thing you need is 2 sugar and an egg. To get the sugar, use a sugarcane plant. You will get 1 sugar by 1 sugarcane.

When you have all the required resources collected, all you need is to use the workbench. Put 3 buckets of milk horizontally in the upper row and 3 wheat in the bottom. After that, put the egg in the center of the square and 2 sugar on both sides. As a result, you will get a cake.

In conclusion, a cake is a handy resource. However, crafting it will take a lot of time. That is how it works. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope this was helpful for you.

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How to Make a Cake in Minecraft 1.19


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