How to Make a Baby in Virtual Families 3

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The players of Virtual Families 3 may decide to either give birth to their first child or add one more baby to their families. The chances of this miracle to come in their lives depend on many factors. For the first, the family desires to have kids, how old they are, whether their health is good enough, they should eat a good amount of food, and they should not be hungry.

So, if you have already considered all these factors, you may proceed with making a baby. This guide will cover how this can be done.

Making a Baby in Virtual Families 3

First, choose one of your adults and put it over another one.

Second, check whether it is written “Trying to make a baby.” Do not interrupt the action.

Third, make sure there is a bedroom. If not, buy a couch.

Fourth, follow the actions of the other kids; they should not interfere in the process.

Once the process is completed, the future parents will kiss each other and dance.

If the action is successful, your family will give birth to 1, 2, or 3 babies. You will understand this as there will be a baby/babies in the mother’s hands.

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It is a genuine reason for the whole family to start a celebration!

So, follow the steps in the guide if you decide to give birth to a baby in Virtual Families 3. Enjoy playing and have fun!

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How to Make a Baby in Virtual Families 3


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