How to Kill Off Your Family in Virtual Families 3

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Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is available to play on iOS and Android. Players must care for a family and help them move into their new home. The house needs a lot of repairing, decorating, and expanding, and the garden also needs landscaping. The family starts off as one person who marries another, and they have children. Each family member ages, becomes an elderly person, and then dies, leaving the player with the next generation to care for in the house. The family can extend to 30 generations in the family tree! Death can occur naturally when they are elderly, but there are other ways the family members can die.

Death in Virtual Families 3

Family members age up every couple of hours in real time, and they become an elder and die, leaving as a spirit. A full adult generation usually dies off within 6 days real time. As long as there is a child in the family (birthed or adopted), a new generation will begin.

death virtual families 3
Death in Virtual Families 3

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There are a few ways a character can die, although killing them is pretty hard to do:

  • Starvation from lack of food—if you do not buy groceries, your fridge will not be full and your family will eventually die.
  • Weakness, illness, and infection that is left untreated—if your family members have medical issues that are not dealt with, they can die. You can also make them sick by letting them eat dirty candy or giving them multiple shots of vancomycin to reduce their health.
  • Exhaustion and depression—if you do not care for your family members and let them become over tired and very sad, they can end up dying from lack of care.
death in virtual families 3
Death in Virtual Families 3

If you want to get rid of the family you have and do not worry about future generations, you can just straight up delete their profiles. This gives you a totally fresh start in the game. To do this, just go to Menu > Settings > Contact Support and the Virtual Families devs at Last Day of Work will help you.

That is all you need to know about death in Virtual Families 3! Good luck.

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How to Kill Off Your Family in Virtual Families 3


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