Virtual Families 3 Cheats and Tips

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Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is a modern life simulation game developed by Last Day at Work, in which you move into a beat-down house that you have to renovate as you please. You can go on to start a family and manage various aspects of your life, all while finding out haunting secrets about the house.

Have you been playing the game for a while and are now looking for some Virtual Families 3 cheats and tips? Then read on ahead, because we have got just that in store for you!

Virtual Families 3 Tips and Tricks

The following are nifty tips about Virtual Families 3 that will make your time in the game a little easier:

Having Kids

There are 2 ways to have kids in Virtual Families 3.

  • Conception: Drag an adult character onto the opposite sex adult character. The both of them will head to the bedroom if they are willing to have babies.
  • Adoption: If the male and female adults are against conceiving, you can adopt a baby. All you need to do is click the store button on the bottom of the screen, then click on upgrades, and then adoption services.

Making Characters Work Again

A lot of times, your characters will refuse to work if they happen to be hungry, sick, busy, or if they are suffering from depression. Fix these issues before trying to send them to work again.

Curing Depression

There are a couple of ways to cure your characters’ depression:

  • Try professional counselling. When upgrading your character, look for the Psychotherapy option. Select this upgrade to cure their depression.
  • Praising your characters can also do the trick.
  • Give your characters fruits and candies.
  • Have kids through either method.
  • Make various home improvements.

Going on a Family Trip

You’ll need to make sure that there is a family trip event going on currently. The game devs release these events now and then, so keep an eye out.

In the event, an RV van should appear on the gravel driveway, on the right side of your home. All you need to do is drag your character from your house to the RV van, acquiring the option to go on a family trip.

During the trip, you will have a few activities to complete that will earn you trip points, which can be exchanged for other items.

Virtual Families 3 Cheats

To put it simply, there are no Virtual Families 3 cheat codes for the game as of now. While it is possible to hack mobile games, we recommend you don’t try that with VF3 as there are no trusted softwares or apps that will do this for you without infecting your phone with hundreds of malware.

We will keep you updated if any Virtual Families 3 cheats and hacks do pop up in the future!

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Virtual Families 3 Cheats and Tips


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