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How to Level up Fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Level up Fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play mobile game that is a kingdom builder game. You will need to build your little town with different characters sitting at different places and producing the resources for you. As in most games of this genre, you will need to increase the level of your kingdom. It will give you access to more in-game content. This guide will tell you about different activities that will help you to level up faster in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to Level up Fast

Few activities will allow you to earn Kingdom EXP in Cookie Run: Kingdom. By doing them, you will get your level increase fast. In this article only free options are going to be mentioned so you won’t need to buy something via an in-game shop with real currency.

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The first thing you can do is complete some of your kingdom’s habitant inquiries. You can find the in Tree of Wishes. Your cookies will ask you to give something to them from resources you have or may obtain. After you will please one of them it will give you some coins and Kingdom XP. The next thing is quests. These are simple tasks that you can find on the right side of your screen. They will ask you to complete something and reward you with different stuff including some Kingdom XP. Also, you can get some Kingdom XP out of producing items and materials, and accomplishing some of the in-game levels.

There are also some nonstable but effective ways to obtain Kingdom XP. They include different Daily Missions, Seasonal Missions, and Season Rewards. They can be changed with time but reward you with lots of Kingdom XP. Usually, the amount of it is bigger than the one you can obtain via Quests, Wishes, and progressing in the playthrough. Doing all of the mentioned activities will help you to level up fast. Just be patient and once you will reach a high level.

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How to Level up Fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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