How to Leave a Clan in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is an online multiplayer video game. You can easily enjoy the Diablo Immortal with your friends. One of the best options to play with your friends is to join the same clan. However, if you decided to change the clan, what do you need to do? Read the guide, and you will find this out.

Clan System in Diablo Immortal

The main thing you can take from the clan is new friends. Also, you will benefit from different clan events and will be able to get invaluable advice from the more experienced players. 

If you can not stand playing solo, the clan will become the main part of the game. So, it is necessary to pick the best clan. However, you need to understand that first you need to meet the clan expectations. Powerful clans require only advanced players with high skills. Therefore, do not hope to join a powerful clan if you are a casual player.

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Also, do not leave the clan to find a better one. The point is that Diablo Immortal was released recently. So, there are many clans that will become inactive in a few weeks. Therefore, do not leave the clan if it is alive. However, if you decide to leave the clan, below is a guide for you.

Leaving a Clan in Diablo Immortal

The best is that you can leave the clan anytime. Also, you will not be required to ask the leader to kick you. So, to leave the clan you need to navigate to Guild Roster. Find yourself in the clan list and click on your avatar. After that select ”Leave Clan”. That is how to leave a clan.

But still, think few times before leaving the clan. So, that is all. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Leave a Clan in Diablo Immortal


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