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How to lean in PUBG Mobile

How to lean in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile 1.2 update details

PUBG Mobile is a free to play battle royale game available on Android and iOS devices. It is a widely popular game that offers a wide variety of game modes. The PC and Console version of the game is one of the major contributors to the battle royale genre.

On the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile displayed that even mobile games have the potential to look and play like Console and PC games. PUBG Mobile’s Season Fifteen is going to end on 15th November 2020, and around November 16 or 17th the new season will begin.

How To Turn On Lean Mode in PUBG Mobile

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Leaning is a gameplay mechanics in PUBG Mobile that highly impacts the gameplay and performance of a player. With the help of lean players can take advantage of the third-person perspective. Meanwhile, in FPP players, can use it to control recoil or perform a continuous spray. Here is how to lean in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1.) Open PUBG Mobile.

Steps 2.) Open settings from PUBG Mobile main menu or in-game gear-like icon.

Steps 3.) Go to the Basic tab. There, players can find lean mode with three given options.

  • Tap: In this mode, players can tap the designated on-screen buttons to lean in the desired direction.
  • Hold: The hold option enables players to lean in the desired direction by holding the on-screen lean buttons.
  • Mixed: Just as the name suggests, the mixed, option offers both Tap and Hold option functionalities. Players go in lean mode if they hold the on-screen buttons and, if they hold the buttons for more than 0.3 seconds it will act as Hold option. Taping the lean key with Mixed option turned on will act as Tap option.

Steps 4.) Make sure to enable the peek fire. By doing this players can easily go in ADS(Aim Down Sight mode) when they lean/peek.

Tips: We recommend players to use Tap mode with peek fire enabled. Also, players can further improve their in-game gunplay performance by setting the scope mode to hold and making Canted Sight Button to Tap to use scope.

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How to lean in PUBG Mobile


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