How to Join a Goth Clique in BitLife

BitLife is one of the best life simulators in the mobile games industry. It allows you to live your life in different ways. Today we are going to talk about one of the most remarkable and well-known teenage lifestyles, that is connected to the Goth subculture. Have you ever thought about becoming a Goth? Well, in case you did but never joined them, you have such an opportunity in the game. This guide will tell you about the Goth clique and how to join it.

How to Join a Goth Clique

Joining a Goth clique in BitLife is not difficult. You will need to become a student of the school. After that, the only requirements are to be at low looks and happiness. To complete the first one, you will need to use reroll of the character. You will have to do so until your look won’t be low enough to join the Goth clique. Also, you can use the god mod if you have the access to it. There you can just set your looks at the level you need.

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Low happiness can be achieved in two different ways. The first is the simplest. You just have to experience and survive some very bad event that will leave a trauma on your character. This will require nothing from you but has an issue. It is mostly based on random chance, so you may not have an opportunity to encounter such an event. However, there is also another way. You can make yourself unhappy by trying to join different clubs or cliques and getting rejected all the time. Ironically, but the Goth clique in some way turns into a clique for people who were rejected by other cliques. When you will have both low happiness and look you will be able to join it. Just look into the school tab.

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