Hitman 3

Mastery Level is an incredibly important mechanic in Hitman 3, as not only it keeps track of how good you are in a certain mission, but also because it unlocks the best weapons in the game. As these weapons make Hitman 3 a much more enjoyable experience, achieving a high Mastery Level in each of the game’s missions should be your top priority.

Simply completing missions will let you earn enough XP to reach decent Master Levels, but it can take some time to reach the maximum level, Level 20, by simply replaying missions over and over. Thankfully, there are a few ways to increase Master Level quickly and unlock weapons and other tools as soon as possible.

Complete Challenges

Completing challenges may sound like a no-brainer for some, but it is definitely not a fast method if you try to complete challenges and complete the missions as well. There is a way, however, to speed up the process considerably: just make a manual save at any point during the mission, complete a challenge and then reload the save. As challenges are not tied to mission completion, you will go back to your saved position, but with the challenge complete. Rinse and repeat until you have completed all challenges.

Be A Master Assassin

Not all mission completions are created equal in Hitman 3, as your performance will be evaluated at the end of each one and you will be awarded different amounts of XP. To increase Mastery Level quickly, you will have to complete the mission with the best possible rating, so you should make sure to go for high-value kills, hide bodies, destroy security camera footage, and so on. This requires amazing knowledge of each and every mission, but the rewards will be well worth the time you need to learn all the ins and outs of every Hitman 3 mission.

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