Hitman 3

Hitman 3 gives players ample freedom in how to complete missions, providing all the tools needed to complete the mission any way a player wants. Providing is actually not the correct term, as you will have to earn most of the game’s weapons by reaching certain levels of Mastery.

While most of the included weapons are viable for almost the entirety of the game, there are a few ones that are way better than all the others. As the game lets you tackle missions in any order, you may want to play and reach the required level of Mastery in the missions that let you unlock the best weapons in the game.

Unlocking The Best Weapons In Hitman 3

Custom 5mm DTL

The Custom 5mm DTL is an amazing weapon that will remain hidden while you are being frisked, meaning that you can sneak it pretty much everywhere. The downside is that you have a limited amount of bullets, so you will have to make every shot count. The weapon is unlocked at Level 7 Master in Berlin.

Electronic Key Hacker Mk.III

No door will be able to bar your way with this electronic key hacker. The item is a one-time use only tool, so think hard before using it. This tool is unlocked at Level 2 Mastery Chongqing.

Emetic Poison Vial

If you want to be a truly lethal silent assassin, Poison Vials are your weapons. Emetic Poison, which is used to get rid of enemies temporarily by poisoning food, is unlocked at Level 5 Mastery Dubai

ICA Remote Micro Taser

The ICA Remote Micro Taser is a very small taser that shocks anyone in an area. The taser is so small that it will not be noticed, making for a very handy tool to clear the way. This weapon is unlocked at Level 2 Master Berlin.

Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer

The Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer gun is a dart gun that can put enemies out of commission without killing them. This weapon is unlocked at Level 5 Mastery Mendoza.

Krugermeier 2-2 Silver

The Krugermeier 2-2 Silver gun is the most silent weapon in the game, and an essential weapon in any loadout. This weapon is unlocked at Level 10 Master Mendoza.

Lockpick Mk.III

The Lockpick is another very important tool to have, as it can be used to unlock any door that doesn’t have an electric lock. This tool is unlocked at Level 2 Master Dartmoor.

Sedative Poison Vial

Sedative Poison puts any enemy out of commission if used on food or drinks. This weapon is unlocked at Level 7 Mastery Dartmoor

Sieger 300 Viper

The Sieger 300 Viper is the best sniper rifle in Hitman III, and a weapon you always want in your loadout after you unlock it at Level 20 Mastery Mendoza.

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