Immortal Taoists has lots of different resources and activities for you to manage. One of them is Cultivation Base, which is very important, as it helps you to successfully break through the Cultivation Realms and unlock additional features in the game. But how can you increase your Cultivation Base? The chance of successfully breaking through the realm is not 100%, so you may want to improve your cultivation somehow. This guide will explain how to increase the Cultivation Base in Immortal Taoists.

How to Increase Cultivation Base

Cultivation Base in Immortal Taoists is a resource that accumulates on its own. You will get some of it every five seconds. The amount of Cultivation Base you get is divided into two numbers. The first one is fixed and doesn’t change. The second number is random. The range of amounts of Cultivation Base you can get is based on your current Cultivation Realm. The further you’ve gone, the more Cultivation Base you may obtain. However, this might still not be enough.

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There are a few methods to increase your Cultivation Base in Immortal Taoists. Here is the list of all activities you may use to get it:

  • Beast Pills give you a fixed amount of Cultivation Base
  • You can use your Sect’s Cultivation Room to get a time-limited multiplier for your Cultivation Base
  • You can use Transfer from the same plays for 5 Spirit Jades, and it provides you with a multiplier for your Cultivation Base
  • You can read a Book in the Study Room
  • You can use a Book from your inventory
  • Once a day you can use a Bodhi Fruit to do Mental Meditation in the Meditation Room
  • You can get some Cultivation Base via special encounters that reward you for watching Adds

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