Spirit Stones in Immortal Taoists is the main game’s currency. You will need to get a lot of these stones to progress in the game. Of course, learning some farming strategies is important for that. This guide will tell you how to farm Spirit Stones in Immortal Taoists.

How to Get Spirit Stones in Immortal Taoists

The main way to obtain Spirit Stones in Immortal Taoist is by selling different items you’ve found and picked up. You can get a lot of these via exploration. Also, you should upgrade your equipment as it improves your fortune stat. This will make the farming process much easier. So, you will be able to obtain a huge amount of Spirit Stones by playing the game, but eventually, you may feel a lack of these. In this case, you may try to get more Spirit Stones via other possible activities.

Here is the full list of all ways you can earn more Spirit Stones in Immortal Taoists:

  • Spirit Stones serve as a reward for different events
  • You can exchange some fish for Spirit Stones
  • Housekeeping
  • Destinies
  • You can get some Spirit Stones via Sect Missions and as your Sect salary
  • You can buy Spirit Stones for Spirit Jades at the Market. But we don’t recommend you to waste the currency you buying for real money on this
  • You can mine for Spirit Stones in the Dwelling Mountain
  • You can get Spirit Stones as your Alliance affairs
  • Once a day you will get some Spirit Stones per cultivation rank for Praising on Earth, Worshipping your Alliance ranking, and Praising a player’s card
  • You can get some Spirit Stones from Heaven Sect Missions
  • Praising at the South Heaven Gate will give you some Spirit Stones (once a day)
  • Praising at the War of Gods will give you some Spirit Stones (once a day)
  • You can win Spirit Stones at Black Market

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