Increasing the Colossus Mood in Alchemy Stars comes with its own perks. Players can maximize Lumamber gifts, Nightium gifts, friends visits, etc, by keeping their colossus mood high. On top of that, there are also some quests and challenges associated with Colossus Mood in Alchemy Stars. But, there is no clear information on how players can increase their colossus mood and in the wake of that, many new players find it hard to reach a high colossus mood.

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide on how to increase Colossus Mood and its max cap in Alchemy Stars.

How to Increase Colossus Mood

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In Alchemy Stars, players can increase the Colossus Mood by adding more furniture.

On top of every piece of furniture, players can see a bluish coffee cup-like icon, that shows how much Colossus Mood you gain by putting that furniture in any of the rooms present in the Colossus.

Normally, players can decorate their Colossus with furniture bought from the in-game store or received as a reward for completing different chapters, etc. And, eventually, players reach a high Colossus Mood. But, if you are aiming for 5000 colossus mood to complete the quest that comes under day 8 of the Growth tab. Then you can let go of the aesthetic aspect and simply put as much furniture you can in your Colossus to increase the mood.

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Later when you have completed the quest, you can re-arrange the furniture to suit your requirements.

You can increase your bridge level to increase the Colossus Mood cap. While placing some furniture, you may get a limit reached message. In that case, just go to any other room and start placing furniture. By following this method, you can reach a high Colossus Mood in no time.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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