How to Increase Affection in Tears of Themis

Are you puzzled how you can increase affection in Tears of Themis? Then you are in the right place!

In the game Tears of Themis romantic theme is essential. As this is a crucial element, the aim is to earn affection from the characters while playing. In this way, you will unlock the new items and rewards. Let us lead you through this process!

​Steps To Increase Affection In Tears Of Themis

Below you will find the steps to increasing your affection in Tears of Themis. Just follow them and reach the desired result:

  • If you want to increase the affection, then read the stories (to do this, please unlock the cards).
  • Find the Visit sections of the game and head there. In this section, your task will be to interact with a character in a particular area. Under the term “interact,” we mean that you will read each character’s personal story and speak to them.
  • You will also play the games during the interaction with the characters (e.g., Old Maid, Paper and Scissors, and Rock). And now catch a vital tip: by winning the game Old Maid, you will get 100 Affection points, and by losing the number of Affections points that you will receive is 200!
  • Besides all the activities mentioned above, one more action you can do is touch them (petting them, touching their pendants and watches, etc.). These actions of interaction with the characters will lead you to get affection from them.
  • The more affection you gain, the more you interact with them and find new information about their stories. Still, keep in mind that the game has capped the affection points for the characters at 1000 for each day. After you reach this maximum limit, you can continue interacting with the characters, though you will not be getting any points.

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These are the steps to take if you want to increase the affection in the game Tears of Themis. Just follow them, and you will succeed!

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