How to Heat Tires in Pixel Car Racer


The way you finish the drag depends on how you started it. Therefore, heating tires is so essential in real life and in Pixel Car Races. How to do it correctly? Read the guide and you will understand.

Heating Tires in Pixel Car Racer

As in any car game, heating tires in Pixel Car Racer really makes sense. If you do not heat your tires, you will have bad acceleration. And it works even with AWD cars.

For example, the GTR with heating finished the race with a result of 6.1 seconds. Without the burn out the result was 6.7 seconds. However, burnouts in amateur and expert modes are different. So, let’s find out how it works.

How to Do Burn Out in Expert

If you want to heat tires in the expert mode you need to hold the clutch button in first gear and rev hard. While holding the gas, release the clutch and wait until your rpm hits 6000. After that, hit the brakes until you get the desired tire heat. However, you need to overshoot a little because when you reverse back into the starting line, the heat will decrease. Therefore, you need to keep it more than the third line.

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How to Do Burn Out in Amateur

All you need to heat tires in amateur is just to hold 3 buttons slightly more than the third line. After that, you can easily start the race. Sounds much easier, does not it?

That is all about heating tires in Pixel Car Racer. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Heat Tires in Pixel Car Racer


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