How to Win Tournaments in Pixel Car Racer – Guide and Tips


Pixel Car Racer is a unique arcade racing game for mobile devices. In addition to several racing modes and the ability to upgrade your cars, the game also often tournaments are held with a large prize pool. You will want to win these tournaments and earn money, and today we will tell you how to do it.

How to Win Tournaments in Pixel Car Racer – Guide and Tips

First of all, it all depends on your skill and gaming experience, because the longer you play, the better you will learn the game mechanics.

Secondly, to win, you need the right car with good components and settings:

  • During tournaments, we recommend using the GTR R35 car.
  • Next, you need to equip your GTR R35 with the best parts you have and use the following settings:
  • Gearing: First: 3.53; Second: 2.72; Third: 2.18; Fourth:1.84; Fifth:1.55; Sixth:1.34; Final Drive: 2.54.
  • Suspension (Ride Height): -3IN
  • Launch Control (2-step): 10200 RPM
  • Boost (Controller): 32PS

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In addition, you need to properly manage the car during the race, and we have a little advice on how to do it more efficiently:

  • Before starting the race, you need to put the car in neutral.
  • Once the timer reaches 1.20 seconds, press nos.
  • As soon as the green light turns on, hold down the gas pedal and do not let go until you get to the finish line.

If you do everything according to the guide, you will win tournaments much more often and earn a lot of in-game money.

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How to Win Tournaments in Pixel Car Racer – Guide and Tips


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