Giving birth to a child you want is difficult in both real life and BitLife. The game is a life simulator and you will have your children’s characteristics generated randomly. So, giving life to a boy or a girl is based on RNG. But it is not a difficult task as you will have something close to fair chances. If you try to get twins, you have to bring a lot of patience and temperance as your chances will be poor. This guide will tell you how to get twins and improve your chances of it.

How to Get Twins in BitLife

Unfortunately, there is no particular way to get twins as your children. You will simply need to give birth to them. There are two ways you can improve your chances with IVF and Artificial Insemination. The second one works only with female characters. So, you will need to create a female if you want to use this option. IVF is simpler here as it is accessible for both males and females but you will be rejected if you are more than 50 years old.

Using these options will improve your chances to get twins. Use one of these every year at least once and your chances of getting twins as your children will increase.

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There is also a little hint that will be very useful. When you will be able to check the characteristics of your new child you can close your app and restart the game to get another result. This trick will demand from you not to hit any of the buttons on the resulting menu. If you tap on accept or close you will get the child with characteristics you saw. So, just close the app run it again until you will get twins. It should happen eventually and we can only wish you good luck.

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