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How to Hatch a Dot in Peridot

How to Hatch a Dot in Peridot
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Peridot pets love to walk, explore the neighborhood, and meet new friends. Other Dots and their Keepers can be found all over your town and beyond! If you nurture your Dot to adulthood it becomes possible to Hatch A Dot, bringing a new pet into the world but you can’t do it alone. Read on to find out how to Hatch A Dot in Peridot.

How to Create New Pets in Peridot

Hatch A Dot is the process Keepers like yourself go through to create a new Dot (Peridot pet). It is a simple enough process but you do have to jump through some adorable hoops before you can get a new cute baby Dot.

Explore the Neigborhood (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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First thing to make sure is that you nurture your Dot to adulthood. You can easily do this by feeding them, playing fetch every day, going out for walks, and completing quests for Growth Points. Once they are an adult it is possible to reach out to another Keeper and arrange a date between your pets.

Send a Request (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

As you explore your neighborhood you may see other Dots featured in Habitats. If you like the look of any of those Dots and would like introduce your Dot to them then simply tap on their image. Select the option to message the Keeper and send over a Hatch A Dot request. Of course a Keeper can message you too to start the process so they can get a Baby Dot all of their own.

Accept a Request (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

This all happens in the dedicated messaging service Campfire. The other Keeper can accept your request and your Dots will go on a romantic moonlit date. After they have had a magical evening (which only in reality takes a minute) you will be given the chance of choosing between 3 Eggs. Which ever you choose is up to you, just remember that the colouring and design on the egg shell will denote the colouring of your Dot.

The only drawback to Hatch A Dot is the fact you need a Nest to complete the process. One Nest is free at the start of the game and after that each Nest costs $5 from the Peridot Store.

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How to Hatch a Dot in Peridot