How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft grow glow berry

In the past few updates, Mojang has revamped Minecraft’s entire cave systems and given them a whole new personality. Players can find various biomes under the surface of the Overworld. Lush caves are the prettiest cave biomes in Minecraft and are home to pretty items like azalea, glow berries, and more. This guide will help you grow glow berries in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Glow Berries in Minecraft Bedrock: Everything you need to know

Glow berries were added to Minecraft in Caves & Cliffs Part I update. To grow glow berries in Minecraft, players must first find them. The best place to find glow berries is in lush caves. Glow berries are found hanging from the ceiling of lush caves.

However, there is no guaranteed way to find lush caves without cheats or seed maps. If players fail to find a lush cave, the next best place to find glow berries is loot chests in mineshafts and ancient cities.

After obtaining glow berries, plant them on the bottom side of blocks to grow them. Upon placing, the glow berry will turn into a cave vine. This cave vine can grow up to 26 blocks long. Players can use bone meals on cave vines to grow glow berries.

Like almost every other resource, glow berries can also be farmed automatically. Players can use dispensers and redstone loop circuits to farm glow berries in Minecraft. Interested players can watch the above video tutorial to build an automatic glow berry farm.

Uses of Glow Berries

Glow berries Minecraft

Glow berries have a few uses in Minecraft. As its name indicates, glow berries produce light. Players can easily use them as light sources in their builds because they look natural. Glow berries can also be consumed to restore one hunger points. Players can always consume glow berries found in caves for survival in an emergency. Glow berries are also used for breeding foxes in Minecraft.

This wraps up our guide to glow berries in Minecraft. If you have any doubt regarding glow berries, feel free to ask in the comments!

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How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft Bedrock


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