How to Give Traits in Worldbox

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Worldbox is an incredibly enthralling 2D god simulator game where you can do whatever you want. Each time you log into the game, a new world is being created that you can control, or if you prefer, you can create the world yourself. On a small game map, various creatures, objects, and people will randomly appear, and each of them has its features. But although everything and everyone has the original traits, you can give the characters new traits, and today we will tell you how to do this.

How to Give Traits in Worldbox

Traits are the main characteristics of characters/items in the Worldbox and determine what properties, character, and other features the item/creature will have. In the newly generated world, all creatures and objects have their traits. Some of them are immutable and affect the carrier or others, while others can change on their own due to some conditions. But some traits cannot be obtained immediately, and only you can give them. For a character/item to receive these traits, you need to fulfill some conditions, which we will tell next.

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Worldbox Traits You Can Give

TraitsHow to Give
ImmortalStrike a creature with lightning multiple times.
EnergizedStrike a creature with lightning.
BlessedUse the Blessed tool or transfer the creature to an enchanted biome.
CursedCurse someone with the Curse tool, or transfer to a Corrupted biome.
MadnessUse the Madness tool.
InfectedUse the Plague tool.
InfectedMove the zombie to the person to attack or use the Zombie infection tool.
Mush SporesUse the MUSH spores tool.
Skin burnSet the character on fire, and then put it out.
One-Eyed/CrippledCause someone damage in any way.
The plagueUse the Plague tool.

At the time of publication of this guide, these are all traits that you can give, but the game is still releasing updates, and soon there will be new traits that we will tell you about.

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How to Give Traits in Worldbox


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