How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5

How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5

A hallmark of good JRPGs is the ability for players to do their daily activities in addition to the main storyline, and Rune Factory 5 has that. Players can live however they want and even get married. One of the most interesting activities in the game is farming, and in this guide, we will tell you about crystals for Farm Dragons.

How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon 

The farming system in Rune Factory 5 suits the fantasy world since, in addition to the usual fields, the player also obtains Farm Dragons. These are huge Dragons on whose backs players can plant and grow crops. The area for planting on Dragons is much larger than on SEED’s property. On Dragons, players can also build Monster Barns. In total, the player can get up to 5 Dragons by completing various story missions.

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In the game, you will find various Crystals that you can give to your Dragons. They are needed to give your farms a small boost for a while. There are five types of Crystals in total:

  • Glacies Crystal – Causes rain for several days.
  • Gaia Crystal – Soil does less damage and has more health.
  • Ventus Crystal – Increases the amount of harvest.
  • Terra Crystal – Makes more space for planting crops.
  • Ignis Crystal – Crops grow faster.

To give these Crystals, you must approach the Dragon’s head and then interact with it. You will see a menu in which you can choose which crystals to give to the Dragon.

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How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5


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