How to Get Yaoyao for Free in Genshin Impact

Free Yaoyao in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 3.4 update finally introduced one of the highly awaited Liyue characters, Yaoyao. Players have known about her since the early beta days but are finally able to get her after well over two years. Unfortunately, unlike 5-star characters, there is no way to get a particular 4-star character guaranteed. Genshin Impact players can now get Yaoyao for free. Here’s the guide on how to do it.

Genshin Impact Free Yaoyao Guide

Lantern Rite is one of the most anticipated festivals in Genshin Impact. Every year, HoYoverse gives generous rewards during the Lantern Rite festival, which takes place around the Lunar New Year. During the Lantern Rite festival, players can take part in the event to pick any one of the 4-star characters from the Liyue region. As Yaoyao is a 4-star character from Liyue, players can obtain her for free from The Exquisite Night Chimes event.

2023 Lantern Rite Event

To get a free Yaoyao, Genshin Impact players will have to gather 800 Festive Fever points by participating in all challenges available under Event Details in The Exquisite Night Chimes event. Along with Festive Fever points, completing these challenges will also reward players with a handsome amount of primogems.

After obtaining 800 Festive Fever points, follow these steps to unlock Yaoyao for free:

  • Go to the events tab and click on The Exquisite Night Chimes event
  • Click on Festive Fever
  • Click on Yaoyao’s character icon
  • Lastly, click on Invite Character to invite Yaoyao.

That’s it! You have successfully got Yaoyao for free. If you already have non-C6 Yaoyao, you will receive a constellation and two Masterless Starglitter. Other than Yaoyao, you can also obtain these characters for free from Genshin Impact 3.4 event:

Invite Liyue character in Genshin Impact
  • “Exquisite Delicacy” Xiangling
  • “Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean” Beidou
  • “Juvenile Galant” Xingqiu
  • “Eclipsing Star” Ningguang
  • “Frozen Ardor” Chongyun
  • “Blazing Riff” Xinyan
  • “Stage Lucida” Yunjin
  • “Wise Innocence” Yanfei

Players are highly recommended to participate in this event as it comes only once yearly. Because of this event, you can get Yaoyao for free and save your wishes and primogems for future characters.

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How to Get Yaoyao for Free in Genshin Impact


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