How to Get Wool in Minecraft

Minecraft Wool

Minecraft was first publicly released over a decade ago. This phenomenal sandbox game has received many exciting updates in its long history. With every update, the list of items and blocks grows longer and longer.

Many old blocks like wool are still available and have received many new uses. Wool blocks have been in Minecraft since 2009. It was the first block to have different colors in the game.

In this Minecraft guide, we talk about wool and how to get it in Minecraft.

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How to Get Wool in Minecraft

There are multiple ways to get wool in Minecraft. The best way to obtain wool is by shearing sheep. You can find these peaceful animals in almost all biomes of the Overworld. Using a shear on sheep will drop 1-3 wool blocks of the same color as sheep.

When sheep are sheared, their wool layer gets removed. But do not worry as they can grow it back by eating grass. You can automate the shearing process and build a farm to get wool blocks automatically.

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Like many other blocks, wool can also be crafted in Minecraft. You can make a white wool block using four strings. If you cannot find a sheep, try killing spiders or striders to get some strings and then turn them into wool.

Wool blocks can also generate in woodland mansions, villages, pillager outposts. In woodland mansions, you can find statues made out of wool blocks. Rather than entering such dangerous structures, building a sheep farm will suffice all your wool needs.

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How to Get Wool in Minecraft


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