Sheep in Minecraft are friendly mobs that can be a reliable source of wool and meat for you. In the game, sheep are generated together with biomes on ground blocks with lighting higher than 9. Usually, sheep graze in herds.

In the game, sheep can be dyed in one of six natural colors. The most common are white ones (81.84%). Then there are light gray (5%), dark gray (5%), and black (5%). Brown animals appear in the game with a 3% probability, while pink ones are found only 0.16% of the time.

Minecraft Sheep Breeding Guide

To breed sheep at home, you need to lure a couple of them into the paddock. Animals will follow the player if he or she holds wheat in his hands.

After luring sheep to the farm, feed them hay so that they wheat to multiply.

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Soon a lamb will appear next to the adult sheep. After 5 minutes, animals can start mating again. A lamb grows to a full-grown sheep in 10-15 minutes. If you feed a small lamb with hay, it will grow faster. Each meal reduces the animal’s maturation time by 10%.

The main threat to sheep in Minecraft is wolves. At the sight of these home animals, they become aggressive and attack them. Therefore, provide a secure fence for the area with the source of food. Pay attention that tamed wolves do not attack sheep.

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How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft


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