How to Get Water Pump in Crashlands Mobile


Crashlands Mobile is a survial action RPG where you stake your claim on an uncharted planet. With lots of biomes to explore and plenty of resources to collect, there are all sorts of things you can craft to help you survive. Today, we’ll be looking at how to get the Water Pump in Crashlands Mobile!

How to Get Water Pump

Water Pumps are special Workstations that can create special water tools for Flux. They can produce Water Balloons and Waterbombs, which are helpful at speeding up your farms. Water Pumps must be built in Savanna water in order to function.

To create a Water Pump, you’ll need to bring the following materials to a Chemworks Workstation:

  • Flatstone x 30
    • Obtained by mining Savanna ground with a Pickaxe
  • Intact Wompit Heart x 3
    • Dropped by Wompits
  • Glidopus Siphon x 26
    • Dropped by Glidopus

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Once you’ve crafted the Water Pump, simply place it down on Savanna water to activate it. Waterbombs are the main thing you can craft from it, and they can be thrown on a patch of seeds to speed up the growing process.

That concludes our guide on Crashlands Mobile. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Water Pump in Crashlands Mobile


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