How to Get the Megagong in Crashlands Mobile

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Crashlands has a bunch of weapons that you can obtain and use through the course of the game. But better weapons means better performance, so who doesn’t want to get the best possible weapon in the game?

That weapon is known as the Megagong, and getting it is certainly no walk in the park, which is why we have written this guide! Read on further to learn how to get the Megagong in Crashlands Mobile!

How to Get the Megagong in Crashlands Mobile

Before you start with anything, we recommend that you get the Gulanti pet and embiggen it to Epic as its Treasure Hunting buff increases your chance to fish up epic weapons by 150%, which you will be doing a lot of.

Accept the quest that starts the search for the Megagong, Vrrddun’s Fishery. Now, you will first need to fish for three epic weapons, which are in each of the three maps: Wobblygong in the Savannah, Jackagong in the Bawg, and Bonkagong in the Tundra. Obtaining these three epic weapons will allow you to craft a legendary lure that will let you fish for the Megagong.

Once you have the three Epic Weapons, head back to Vrrddun’s Fishery to craft the Megagong Lure. Once you’ve gone through the lengthy process of crafting the Megagong Lure, you need to go ahead and equip the Lure to one of your trinket slots and head on to the Tundra to begin fishing, keeping in mind to use your Gulanti pet for the useful fishing buff.

Sooner or later, you are bound to fish up the elusive and extremely powerful Megagong!

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How to Get the Megagong in Crashlands Mobile


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