How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

During your playthrough in Warframe, you may see open-world areas where you can obtain different resources, get items that may be helpful, and improve your reputation with local syndicates. Cambion Drift is one of three open-world locations. You can find a lot of resources there and obtain different useful items through improving reputation with local syndicates, the Entrati Family and Necraloid.

One of the interesting things the Entrati Family provides you with is new types of companions, Predasite and Vulpaphyla. To create one of these infested animals, you will need the item called Mutagen. These can be bought from the Son, and one of the demanded items is Tubercular Gill System. This guide will explain to you how to get it.

How to Get Tubercular Gill System in Warframe

Tubercular Gill System is a special part of Cambion Drift’s robotic fish created by Orokin. It is mechanical adaptive membranes that help them to move between fluids and gases, as most Deimos fish can swim and fly in both environments. So, the main way to get the system is fishing.

Fishing in Cambion Drift is quite different from other regions. Local fish from Deimos tends to swim in an infested fluid called exocrine. It is a very thick thing and standard fishing spears or electric ones can’t penetrate through the exocrine. However, Deimos fish sometimes jump out of the exocrine and flies above the fluid. It is a good opportunity for you to catch this fish. The other way is to use local fishing spears, Spari and Ebisu. These infested spears can pass through the exocrine.

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As it was mentioned, Tubercular Gill System is a part of robotic fish, so you will need to catch mechanical Orokin fish or half-organic Infested-Orokin hybrid fish. Full organic Infested fishes don’t use these systems, so you won’t be able to get them from these. Here is the list of all fishes that have the Tubercular Gill System and the number of systems you will obtain based on fish size (Small/Medium/Large):

  • Aquapulmo – Systems x1/2/2
  • Chondricord – Systems x2/3/5
  • Duroid – Systems x2/4/6
  • Myxostomata – Systems x4/6/10
  • Ostimyr – Systems x2/3/4
  • Vitreospina – Systems x2/3/4

To get the systems out of fish, you will need to bring them to the Daughter. She will fillet the fish and give you all the resources from it, including Tubercular Gill Systems. Good luck with fishing.

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