How to Get a Vulpaphyla in Warframe

Vulpaphylas in Waframe are wild animals that live on the surface of Deimos. These animals are the source of unique hunting tokens, which can later be exchanged for Son Tokens or for plush toys from the Son. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get a Vulpaphyla in Warframe.

How to Catch a Vulpaphyla in Warframe?

The beast can be lured and caught on the hunt using a special Echo-Decoy for Vulpaphyla and a tranquilizer rifle. Traveling through the Cambionian Drift, there are three different species that can be found: Crescent, Panzer, and Sly. All species differ in muzzle shape, skin color, and value.

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Similar to MOA, Vulpaphyls are created through a modular system where players can choose from various combinations of three different components to create a Vulpaphyla to their liking. Since they are organic companions, they are not built, but rather reborn through the use of mutagens and antigens.

Like other companions, Vulpaphylas can be given individual names for further personalization after they have been improved, as well as the ability to respawn after defeat.

To revive Vulpaphyla, three different components are needed: a weakened subspecies, Mutagen and Antigen. Each component type has several options to choose from, allowing players to customize the stats as well as the type and appearance.

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