How to Get Tropical Fish in Minecraft Bedrock


In Minecraft, you will come various types of mobs inspired by real-life creatures. You will find animals like sheep, cows, llamas, and more on land. Oceans are populated with aquatic creatures like dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish, etc.

Tropical fishes are one of the most accurately represented mobs in Minecraft. Some players may not know that there are 22 varieties of tropical fishes in Bedrock Edition. A tropical fish can have different shapes, patterns, and colors leading to more variations, just like real-life tropical fish.

These beautiful aquatic mobs have limited spawning areas in Minecraft. This Minecraft guide will explore ways to get tropical fish in Minecraft.

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Tropical Fish in Minecraft

After Mojang Studios released Caves & Cliffs update, the need for tropical fish suddenly saw a rise among Minecrafters due to the introduction of adorable axolotls. Since axolotls need to be fed tropical fish for breeding, many players began searching for tropical fish in Minecraft.

There are a few places to obtain tropical fish:

Ocean biomes

Tropical fish

In Minecraft Bedrock, tropical fish spawn in three types of ocean biomes:

  • Warm oceans
  • Lukewarm oceans
  • Deeplukewarm oceans

As you can see, tropical fish spawn in warm areas of the oceans. Visit these biomes to find schools of tropical fish. You can find all varieties of tropical fishes in these biomes.

Lush caves

If you fail to find warm ocean biomes, lush caves are the next ideal location for finding tropical fish. Added in Caves & Cliffs Part II, lush caves are a new place where tropical fish can spawn. Moreover, you can also find cute axolotls spawning in this beautiful cave biome.

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Like every other mob in Minecraft, tropical fishes can also be farmed. After finding a suitable location, you can build a tropical fish farm to get tons of these beautiful fish for your axolotls.

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How to Get Tropical Fish in Minecraft Bedrock


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