How to find an Axolotl in Minecraft [Caves & Cliffs Part II update]


In the update Caves & Cliffs Part II, players will open up a completely new world of Minecraft. Eight different biomes have been added to the game, as well as new animals such as goats. Although Axolotls were released earlier, they have become more difficult to find in this update. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it.

How to find an Axolotl

You can only find Axolotls in the new Lush Caves biome. This biome is inherently huge caves with lush greenery. The floor and walls are covered with Spores and Moss. The caves are very beautiful due to the Glow Berries lighting. And in the depths of these caves, you will be able to find Axolotl focusing on their specific sound. Finding Lush Caves is easy if you pay attention to the environment. As soon as you meet Azalea Trees on your way, know that the caves are right below you. Since the roots of these trees always grow from Lush Caves.

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Unfortunately, although these animals are very cute, they cannot be tamed. But they are very peaceful, so you can just bring them home. There are two options for bringing the Axolotl home.

The first is to lure them straight home. To do this, you must be holding a bucket of tropical fish in your hands. But of course, this will only work if your house is nearby in the same cave as Axolotl. After all, without water, they live only 5 minutes.

The second way is much better, just catch the Axolotl in a bucket of water. In this case, you can safely transport a couple of individuals home and use a bucket of tropical fish to breed them.

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How to find an Axolotl in Minecraft [Caves & Cliffs Part II update]


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