How to Get to Secret Rooms in High School Simulator 2018

How to Get to Secret Rooms in High School Simulator 2018

In High School Simulator 2018, you play as a young school student. You go to a Japanese school, study, have a relationship, ride a bike around the city, and do many more interesting things. There are also several secret rooms in the game, and in this guide, we will tell you how to get there.

Secret Rooms in HIgh School Simulator 2018

In the game, you can explore the city by cycling. There are many different shops and places to go in the city. But there are also secret rooms into which you cannot simply enter through the door, and there is no entrance there. You will have to perform some special steps to enter.

So the first room is in your own house. Go inside the house and go to your bed. Then start jumping onto the cabinets on the bed. It will not be very easy but still possible. If you did everything right, you will fall into an empty room. Perhaps this is an unfinished basement? Who knows. Go and check!

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Then head to the drug store and walk up to the shelf against the wall. You need to open the settings and check the box next to InfinityJump. This will allow you to jump very high. Now you have to try very hard. You need to find a special place somewhere near the right half of the rack. Jump until you can stand firmly on the second floor of the drug store. This is the second secret room.

And the third room is located in a cafe, which is located not far from the drug store. You need to use InfinityJump here as well. There will be sofas to the right of the entrance, you need to jump on the edge of the sofas to get to the third secret room.

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How to Get to Secret Rooms in High School Simulator 2018


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