The Wizard Hat is one of the rare cosmetic items players can get in Disney Dreamlight Valley to give their character a wizard look. However, many players don’t know where to find this Wizard Hat in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is where our guide on how to get the Wizard Hat in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes in handy. 

How to Get the Wizard Hat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can get the Wizard Hat from Merlin when you reach Friendship Level 10 with him. 

On the same note! To get the Wizard Hat, make sure you have cleared Merlin’s every Friendship Quest. If you have completed these two requirements that go side by side, you will unlock the Wizard Hat. 

How To Increase Friendship Level With Merlin Fast In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can increase your Friendship Level fast with Merlin by giving him gifts to his liking. Every day, Merlin will have his “Favorite Things for the Day.” You can check the item names by interacting with Merlin and choosing the “I have something to give you” option, and then looking at the bottom right side of the game screen. 

When writing this article, the “Favorite Things for the Day” for Merlin were:

  • Dream Shard
  • Blue Falling Penstemon
  • Crackers

Each gift will level up the Friendship Level with Merlin by +1. So, just by giving these or the respective day favorite items, you can quickly increase 3 to 4 Friendship Levels with Merlin. You can either wait for 24 hours and do the same things again or hang out with Merlin using the option “Let’s Hang Out” to level up Friendship Level without any wait. 

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on the PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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How to Get the Wizard Hat in Disney Dreamlight Valley


  1. I’m so angry. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or because I didn’t do the quests first and just befriended him but it says I unlocked the hat but it’s no where to be found. So angry because it was the final touch of the outfit I wanted!!

    • Hi Rawbee,

      Did you check thoroughly in the Hats section of the Wardrobe? If yes! Then please report the matter to Gameloft via Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter handle or their support channels. Here is the list of issues currently known and addressed by the developers.

      Please keep in mind. The game is in early access. So! You not able to get the Wizard Hat maybe a bug. Letting the devs know will be a great thing. Else, if we see more players encounter it. We will try to share the issue with the devs.


    • Sure! Gameloft has a lot of things to fix before DDV comes out of early access next year. Reporting the issue is the best thing you can do now.


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