How to Remove the Magic Gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Even though most quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley are so easy that even a kid can cope with them, there are still some quests that might appear hard, even for older people. Read this guide, and you will find out how to remove the magic gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley. No time to lose. Let’s get started.

Removing the Magic Gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the rarest items in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an orb of power. Nowadays, only a small number of players have got this orb. Therefore, you can quickly become one of the first. And to get the orb, you need to remove Magic Gates and solve the magic puzzle.

So, before unlocking the gates, you need to get inside the cave. To do it, you need to speak with Ursula. She is the unique NPC that will give you a crystal. This crystal will provide you with access to the crystal cave.

Inside the cave, you need to go forward. Here you will find the special ramp. Use this ramp, and you will appear near the first magic gates. 

To unlock them, you need to complete the first riddle. To do it, mine large black rocks and get gems. After that, put the Peridot near the green light, Aquamarine near the blue light, and Garnet near the red light.

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Keep going forward, and you will see the second gate. To remove it, you need to get crops: gold, brown, and red. Put them on the ground and wait until they grow. The second gate will disappear. However, there will be 3rd gate as well. To unlock it, you must cook the resources you have collected from crops.

In conclusion, unlocking magic gates is one of the most challenging quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Without this guide, it is nearly impossible to complete all 3 riddles. That is how it is.

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How to Remove the Magic Gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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