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How to Get the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Get the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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If you are looking to get something super special for Retsuko then look no further than the Volcanic Guitar! Find out below how to get the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Retsuko loves music and burning hot gifts so a guitar straight from the heart of a volcano is just perfect. You may be struggling to find this item, however, as the recipe isn’t readily available, and the item is hidden inside Mount Hothead.

Where to Find the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Before starting to look for the Volcanic Guitar you will need to make sure you have a fishing rod. You can get the rod by meeting with Badtz-Maru and then crafting it at Chococat’s crafting table. Once you have your fishing rod, make your way to Mount Hothead using the fast travel points.

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If you haven’t reached the Caldera peak then follow this guide to get you up there, and activate the fast travel point. There is an entrance at the peak which lets you inside Mount Hothead, and only a short distance away from the spot where you find the Volcanic Guitar.

Inside the Caldera entrance, Mount Hothead will look different depending on how far along the main story quests you are. If you are quite early in the game then you will have to head right along the wall and around the lava to get to the other side. If you have completed the main quest in the volcano you will have a path straight through the lava. Either way you will want to make your way to the other end of the area like the image shows below:

path to volcanic guitar hello kitty
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Travel up to the main lava pool and stand on the edge of the cliff. Cast your fishing line over the cliff and into the lava below. When the hook is grabbed, play out the mini game carefully by tapping the arrow icons and keeping the small arrow in the green area.

If you catch something and pull it in successfully, you will see you have about three things on your hook. One of those things will be the Volcanic Guitar! Head over to Retsuko and give her the gift, and be rewarded with three Friendship Hearts!

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How to Get the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure