How to Get the True Ending In Monark and How Many of Them Are There?

How to Get the True Ending In Monark and How Many of Them Are There?

The recent JRPG from the creators of the Shin Megami Tensei series has been a highlight for fans of the genre, especially for PC gamers. Here is how to get the true ending in Monark, as well as how many endings the developers offer in total. 

How Many Endings are in Monark?

If you do not take into account the probability of dying according to the plot of the campaign, the total number of endings is two.

You won’t be able to defeat all the Monks in one walkthrough, so you need to deal with the campaign 2 times. When you can defeat the final boss, you will teleport to the Student Council room. You will see a window offering to re-fight the numerous threats that have appeared on your way.

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How to Get the True Ending In Monark?

To unlock True Ending, you will need to farm all stages of the Abyss to the limit. As a result, a new number will appear in the contact list. You can use the numbers below, which do not change. You will get LVL 99 enemies with 7500 HP, so prepare carefully before the battle.

Opening Final Boss:

  • Sin of Pride – 815-*50-#97;
  • Anger – 264-849-#13;
  • Envy – 68 * -761-110
  • Lust – 3*#-651-#53;
  • Greed – **5-093-396;
  • Laziness – #*6-3**-4#3
  • Gluttony – *#0-194-952;
  • Throne of the Night – *38-904-#36;
  • Heavenly Throne – 106-*5*-7*3.

You can fight in any order, and to access the Final Boss, enter 579-94#-991-#. The number is active only after defeating the above demons. To open True Ending, you must defeat the last antagonist.

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How to Get the True Ending In Monark and How Many of Them Are There?


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