Monark: How to Solve Miki Hirai Case Locker Combination

Monark: How to Solve Miki Hirai Case Locker Combination

Monark is a representative of the JRPG genre. Players are drawn into a mystical story connected with high school and the underworld. The game has excellent detailed lore, as well as many puzzles. In this guide, we want to tell you about the Miki Hirai case locker combination.

How to Solve Miki Hirai Case Locker Combination

In the first charter, the main character is trying to find out what kind of strange mist has filled the school grounds. Exploring the classrooms on the floors of the school, you will find Miki Hirai’s locker. The player needs to open this locker to complete the first chapter.

To find out the code from the locker, you need to find its owner. You need to go to the third-year hallway. Behind one of the closed doors is Miki Hirai. Next, you should talk to her and ask for the code from the locker. Miki will tell you that she used her student ID number for the code, namely the last four digits.

In the player’s phone, you can find profiles of all students with whom you have contacted. Keep this in mind, because it will be very useful to you in the future. And there you can find the Miki Hirai ID number. Now you know that the required code is 1040.

After opening the locker, inside you will find the badge worn by the third-year student. One of the classes is guarded by two NPCs, and they can only let the third-year student in. When you show the found badge you will be able to finish the first chapter.

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Monark: How to Solve Miki Hirai Case Locker Combination


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