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How to Get the Tabi in Terraria

How to Get the Tabi in Terraria

Tabi in Terraria is an accessory that allows you to make a dash by double-clicking the movement key in the desired direction. In addition, it is a component for crafting the accessory called “Master Ninja Equipment.” In this guide, we will tell you where to find this item, how to safely kill the creature who drops this item, and why Tabi is cool.

Where to Find the Tabi in Terraria

You need to kill Plantera in hard mode and then go to the dungeon and look for the rare creature called Bone Lee. Killing Bone Lee has a chance (8.33%-15.97%) to drop the Tabi or the black belt. The Bone Li is a rare enemy found in hard mode after the Plantera dungeon. It moves with unusual speed, deals great damage, and is highly resistant to knockbacks. The best way to kill him is using long-range weapons.

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Features of Tabi

  • The dash speed granted by Tabi is slightly lower than that of the Cthulhu Shield, but the difference is small and shouldn’t have much practical effect on gameplay.
  • Performing the roll does not make the player invincible to enemy attacks. Unlike the Cthulhu Shield, players will take full damage and roll from enemies they crash into.
  • Thabi’s roll should be used exclusively to dodge incoming attacks; avoid rolling on enemies unless they deal low damage and your character is immune to recoil (with Cobalt Shield or variants thereof).
  • If the player keeps moving after the dash, an ability from items such as Hermes boots is activated.
  • If timed correctly, it can be used to activate the Unicorn mound’s charge.
  • In the 3DS version, moving the circular panel twice in the desired direction works the same as in any other version, but since it can be tedious and/or tiresome, you can, if the player has a grappling hook in his inventory, press A while moving the circular panel from the center position to perform the dash. Keep in mind, however, that the grappling hook will fire as well.
  • A dash on the asphalt will instantly bring the player up to full speed.

This is everything you need to know about the Tabbi in Terraria. Do you have any other tips? Write them in the comments below.

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How to Get the Tabi in Terraria


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