How to Get Chlorophyte in Terraria

Chlorophyte ore in Terraria is a very common ore that can be found after switching to Hard mode. You can get it using a pickaxe or drill with 200% power. Chlorophyte ore can spawn only in the lower part of the map in Terraria. In this guide, we will tell you where to collect chlorophyte ore, how you can farm it, and teach some small tips.

Where to Find Chlorophyte

Chlorophyte Ore’s located in Underground Jungle in hard mode. On the small map, the jungle starts at about 240 feet, on the medium at 360 feet, and on the large at 480 feet. You can also farm chlorophyte. Chlorophyte ore can be gotten by transforming Mud into chlorophyte. You can do this in the Underground layer. If there are about 25 chlorophyte blocks, ore will not grow. You must put just 1 block of chlorophyte ore and it will gradually grow.

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What You Need to Know 

  • Chlorophyte ores and chlorophyte bricks block the spread out of evil biomes near them.
  • For the permanent generation of a new chlorophyte ore field, you can do another trick. Every tile of jungle grass once in a while has a chance to turn a random block of dirt within 10 tiles into chlorophyte ore if there is not too much chlorophyte nearby.
  • It does not need light to grow. It does, however, glow slightly light-green when turned to light.

Tips for the Chlorophyte

To get more silver coins, you can sell chlorophyte bar, not ore yields.

When mining chlorophyte, it is advisable to avoid small accumulations of ore. Leaving them to grow will result in a stable and renewable supply of chlorophyte in the long run.

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