How to Get the Medjay Predasite Tag in Warframe

Hunting down and conserving animals on Deimos’s Cambion Drift is one of the best ways to increase your Standing of Entrati syndicate in Warframe. Tags will be given to you for conserving different animals, and this guide will tell you about Medjay Predasite. You will learn how to find and catch it.

Animal Conservation in Warframe

Conserving animals in Warframe is one of the main activities in open-world locations like Cambion Drift. You will need a few things to do it. The Tranq Rifle is a weapon that allows you to catch the animal, Echo Lures are special baits that are needed to bait the animal to its nest, and Pheromones are items that increase the chances of more rare animal species to spawn. All of these items are available via trading with a local huntsman’s equipment trader. On Deimos’s Necralisk the trader you need is the Son.

How to Get the Medjay Predasite Tag in Warframe

Predasites on Cambion Drift are Kubrow-like aggressive predators that will try to run away once they have spotted you. Medjay species of Predasite is very rare and not so easy to hunt. The first thing you will need is to prepare your equipment. You will need everything for hunting, the Tranq Rifle, the Predasite’s Echo Lure, and Pheromone for Predasite. You can get all of these via trading with the Son in Necralisk. The second thing you will need is a Cambion’s Drift’s night period called Vome. You can tell it with a blue snake-like Infested cyclopean creature.

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Once you have all of these things set up, you need to go to Cambion Drift and find the animal’s scat. If you are lucky then you will find the scat of Predasite. Then follow the trails to the nest and use Pheromones and Echo Lure. Again, if you are lucky you will attract the Medjay Predasite with it. Then just shoot it with your rifle and conserve for tags. Good luck with hunting.

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