How To Get The Dusk Form Lycanroc in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

dusk form lycanroc from pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought back a fan favorite that was first seen in the Alola region. Rockruff, the adorable yet sassy puppy roams through the open fields of Paldea. The best part is that all three of its evolution forms are available in this game. Each one is vastly unique and the form it takes will depend on the time-of-day Rockruff is leveled. The hardest one to get is definitely the Dusk form, but it’s also unfortunately the fluffiest and cutest. This is how to get the Dusk form Lycanroc in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Evolve Rockruff Into Dusk Form Lycanroc

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The only type of Rockruff that will evolve into Dusk form Lycanroc is one that has the ability called Own Tempo. This protects the Pokemon from being compromised by the Confusion status. Rockruff are found all over the map in Paldea ranging from the East to West Province, so you should have no issue finding multiples of them at a time.

Midday and Dusk form Lycanroc from Pokemon

Finding Rockruff is easy, but getting one with Own Tempo will be a different story, as it is quite rare. Therefore, expect to spend a good amount of time catching Rockruff and checking its ability. If you don’t want to waste Pokeballs and you have a Pokemon that knows Confuse Ray, you can use that to test out the wild Rockruffs ability. Eventually, you should come across one with Own Tempo.

What Time To Evolve Rockruff Into Dusk Form Lycanroc

The next step is to get the Rockruff to level 25, as that is the level all of them evolve no matter which form. For this to work, you need to do it at a specific time or the Rockruff won’t evolve. Look at the sky and where the sun is. It shouldn’t be above a certain point, but it shouldn’t be fully set yet either. The best tool for gauging is by looking at the color of the sky. If the sky is a light orange-pink, that is the time Rockruff is ready to evolve.

You have a very tight time window to do this, so keep an eye on the sky and make sure to have a rare candy or exp candy on hand in case you try too early. If you are in the correct time, the Rockruff will evolve into Dusk form Lycanroc. This Pokemon is very strong and can learn moves like Howl.

Now that you have such a special Pokemon, you’ll want to look at the other rare units in the game, which we’ll continue to cover at Touch Tap Play!

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How To Get The Dusk Form Lycanroc in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


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