The Cedo is a powerful shotgun in Warframe and the signature weapon of Lavos, the warden of Dabaoth-Kra. The Cedo can tear apart enemies up close with its tight spread, or blast enemies from a distance with its glaive secondary fire. If you want to get your hands on this special shotgun, read on to find out how to get the Cedo in Warframe!

How to Get the Cedo

You can acquire the Cedo’s blueprint from Father, the half-infested Orokin engineer who lives in the Necralisk. Your reputation with the Entrati family must be a Rank 4 before Father can sell you the blueprint. If you haven’t already, you must complete the Heart of Deimos questline before you can fully access the Entrati Syndicate.

Once you have the Cedo’s blueprint, you must increase your Entrati reputation once more to Rank 5, which grants you access to the four components needed to manufacture the Cedo. Father will sell each component for 5,000 Standing, so the Cedo will cost a total of 20,000 Standing to craft.

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Cedo’s Attributes

The Cedo’s primary fire shoots fully automatic wide-spread buckshots. The shells deal good puncture damage, which makes the Cedo effective against armored targets. The Cedo also has high critical chance and multiplier, and it also deals bonus damage for every unique status effect on the target, which makes it quite deadly.

The Cedo’s secondary fire shoots a glaive that explodes on impact and ricochets. The glaive deals both slash and blast damage, which makes it effective against unarmored targets and machinery. The glaive also has a pretty high-status chance (50%).

The Cedo gains Shotgun Ammo Mutation when wielded by Lavos.

That concludes our guide on getting the Cedo in Warframe. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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